Workshop E 2018

Mag. Gerhard Kriegseisen
Erna Kriegseisen

The magic of Silent Night- 200th anniversary of a worldwide known song

In 2018, Austria is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the „Silent night, holy night“- song. On this occasion, institutions are organizing a number of different activities concerning the development and the message of this globally sung song. This situation, however, also creates a big challenge for schools: How can we create this matter in an interesting, relevant way for teenagers? Therefore, a book including a teacher´s handbook with methodology and activities has been designed. Thereby, the historical context is presented via text, picture, melody and song.

In this workshop, the participants will have the chance to meet the authors of this book, Erna and Gerhard Kriegseisen. Participants will collaborate and discuss classroom material as well as familiarize themselves with the message of the song. The possibilty for an on-site visit of the historic places Oberndorf and Arnsdorf, the

birth place of the song, is offered.

Source: Kriegseisen privat