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Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in phil. Doreen CERNY
The Salzburg University of Education Stefan Zweig encourages students and teachers
to deal with various types of engagement in social, cultural and socio-political fields of
society. This approach promotes a process that involves different life phases of the individual
is not limited by cultural, religious or professional biographical aspects, and is called
CITIZENSHIP THINKING and leads to several questions:

  • What are the challenges for higher education institutions when it
    comes to initiate a constructive debate about Active Citizenship?
  • How can the individual contribute to social society in a responsible way
    – Citizenship doing?
  • Which ways of constructive debate and reflection can be dealt with
    concerning mechanisms of power and recognition in society?
  • How is the relationship between an altruistic and a selfish dimension
    of social responsibility assumed?
  • How can students who take responsible positions in society as future
    teachers develop critical awareness and reflectivity towards Active
    Citizenship during their training at the university?


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