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3rd International ERASMUS+ Teaching and Staff Week 2018
Innovative Teaching in Music, Art and Media

7 – 9 May 2018
Salzburg University of Education Stefan Zweig, Austria

The program of this international event included lectures, workshops, presentations and the possibility for networking and sightseeing.


Download the Programme of the International Week: Music Art Media

Innovative Teaching in Music, Art and Media

Art and music can be seen as a means of expression for the development of society. On the other hand, we use a number of other media to express artistic processes and products. Thereby, we have to keep in mind which specific media effects derive from that and which completely new forms of art consecutively can arise. History of art simultaneously represents the history of media. In this respect, the paradigmatic question rises in how far media in artistic subjects promotes new learning and teaching methods as well as cultural techniques. Therefore, PC, internet and apps shall become a fix component for the artistic subjects, both for innovative school placements and in-class lectures. They provide a learning environment which means an enormous potential especially for creative processes. The thereby acquired problem solving strategies, both convergent and divergent, have an influence on life competence and strategies for that.


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